Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Since I am not feeling up to doing much of anything that requires physical activity beyond moving my fingers I will delight you all with another post. One other project some people are taking on this year is choosing a word that they will examine and spend time thinking about in relation to their life in 2008. I'm intrigued by this as well as the photo journaling of the year. I've though about what my word would be. Amazingly enough I really haven't found myself thinking about and debating over various different words. One came to mind and always comes back when I think about doing this. That word is CONTENTMENT. I'm not totally sure why that is the word that keeps popping up in my mind. I have a few ideas and those ideas may come out over the course of the year as I make this word CONTENTMENT mine.

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Lee said...

Awesome word choice Suzanne!! I still haven't chosen mine yet.....but I will by the weekend!!