Monday, January 14, 2008


Some days just require a bit more flexibility than others. Things just don't happen as planned. Today was one of those days for me. My plan was to take a "sick" day and nurse my cold. I did manage to sleep in and have a slow morning.....then about 11am I sat down to watch TV and do some hand sewing. A news story came on about tomorrows MI primary which suddenly jostled my memory....I had to be at a training class to be an election judge in MD's Feb 12 primary! AND the class started in two hours!!!! So much for a calm relaxing day of nursing my body. Fortunately for the other in my training class my coughing and sneezing are pretty much at an end. I didn't sound any worse than many others in the. Then next day I can schedule a quiet relaxing day will be Thursday....once again I will try.

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Lee said...

I'm sorry Suzanne! Hope the class was short and sweet!!