Thursday, January 31, 2008


Now here is a real challenge! This is just one of many piles of magazines around our house. They are the main floor Quilting and Paper Craft mags with a few Cooking ones mixed in for good measure! Not pictures are the Popular Science, Newsweek, or Consumer Reports piles. Nor are the Quilting or Cross Stitch mags piles in the basement shown here. Then there are the upstairs collections.....I think you get the picture (a serious pun totally intended). We have way to many magazines piled in various places around our house. Oh....did I mention the National Geographics in the cabinet downstairs?

What to do with them? I suppose we could just close our eyes grit our teeth and just throw them all in the recycling bin. I don't really think I am up to that task.....sorry FLY Buddies! There is too much important information that would be lost. All those mouth watering recipes. The patterns for wonderful quilts just waiting to be made and we won't even begin to try and get rid of the wonder card and gift ideas in the paper crafting mags.......Of course I could get rid of the Popular Science ones that go back several years, and I don't really see the need for 10 years of Consumer Reports, but those are my DH's and he doesn't agree.

I will begin my challenge of reducing our magazine clutter with culling back the old Newsweeks. I vow to only keep one months worth on hand. Then I may just grit my teeth and finally get rid of the National Geographics. I don't think they have been looked at since the kids graduated from elementary school which let's see that would be 1996 I believe! And I haven't cross stitched anything from a magazine since maybe 1995. They can go I guess...But the quilt, paper craft and cooking mags......I think I would break off every tooth in my mouth before I could just toss them. For them I will do my best to one by one go through them saving the patterns, recipes or articles that I really want to keep and then tossing the rest....GULP! 2008 is turning out to be a year of many challenges.

By the way if you want any magazines I have many for the asking! Just leave a note here for me! And no I am not allowed to respond to myself!


Lee said...

Oh I hear ya!! When I finally let go of tons of magazines it was wonderful!! But I will say....I refuse to let go of my crafting, recipe and birding magazines!!! ;)

Susan said...

You could give the mags to a charity shop, a Dr's waiting room, a hospital, or a pre-school? When I finally purged my mags, I weighed them (they weighed 70lbs!!) and then I gave them to the church ladies. A lot of the church ladies home school so they used the mags for school projects and also read them themselves.

And you know, there are heaps of yummy recipes and patterens in them, yes, but these days I just google for what eve I want to cook. Often you can get good patterns for free online too!

Hope that gives you some ideas?

Tricia said...

Oooh, I like cross stitch magazines! Which ones do you have?? :) You can email me through my blog at