Thursday, January 31, 2008


January os now complete. Or it will be in four hours here on the East Coast. Another year is speeding by....As for todays photo; you might ask what does Murphy Oil Soap have to do with Zymol car wax and Singer sewing machine oil and lubricant? Today I took time to hunt down and gather together what I need to take with me to my Featherweight care class on Saturday. These were some of the items on the supply list. Actually they were the items I had to buy. Confession time--I still need to hunt down and gather together the items that I have in my sewing room. The list is quite long. By the time I get it all together I hope I don't forget that I do need to take my Featherweight machine as well!


Lee said...

Enjoy your class!! And I hope you get to make lots of very cool new crafts now!!

Susan said...

Wow! Looks interesting, Suzanne! Am looking forward to hearing how you go - had never heard of Featherwaits before.