Thursday, January 24, 2008


My picture today has nothing to do with my brothers birthday, but I wanted to get some birthday wishes in here hence the days title!

My picture of the day is actually two joined together and annotated in Photoshop Elements 5 which I am trying to learn. This exercise was to prove to any of my FLYBaby friends who might stop by that I do do Kelly's missions of the day. Well maybe not everyday, but I did today! The mission today was to clean off the tops of our dressers and yes mine needed it badly. So here is the before and the after shots. I was so proud that I actually also got all the dresser drawers to close. BUT cameras don't lie and I just discovered when working with the photos that I missed a white handkerchief peaking out of the top left drawer. I had better run up and fix that!

So.....what does your dresser top look like?


Lee said...

Well, since we're still in remodeling mode......I'll leave my hideous dressertop left only to the imagination!!

Susan said...

It's only because our house is now on the market that you can SEE my dresser top! I just put everything personal away - pictures, framed words, jewelery - and it cut down amazingly on the things on my dresser. Will have to start a blog to keep up with you, I think, Suzanne!! I am liking this 365 day challenge idea.

And congratulations - you made quite a difference to your dresser! Kelly would be so proud of you :-)