Sunday, September 24, 2006

Vacation Time!

Its finally vacation time! A much needed one at that. We vacationed in UT. The first few days were spent in Salt Lake City. It was okay, but it was a city and not really a city to offer big urban fun like NYC! It's just a city, like Detroit, an okay place to visit for a day or two, but beyond that it's time to move on to more exciting locals. Our exciting local was to be southeastern UT.

We've been there before, but always in the summer heat! This was much more pleasent. Rather than daytime highs in the 100's with full sun, we have daytime highs of 70's and full sun. We spend much of our time in Moab area. It is so beautiful. Very different from East Coast or Mid-West. Even very different from CO. There is so much to see and do we definately will need yet another trip if we want to see it all, and I'm not sure we could ever hope to see it all even if we came back multiple times!

On the drive down froim Salt Lake City I was very impressed with how small I am. When home driving on I-270 or the beltway 18-wheeler trucks seem so BIG! Out here when I looked at them against the back drop of the road and scenery they seemed so small. Even when right next to them we both just seemed small! I mentioned to DH that maybe we should move the nations capital and all the politicians out here. Then maybe they wouldn't see themselves as being so big and important, but would put their role in the theater of life into the proper perspective and behave as they are just like everyone else in the world. It probably wouldn't work out that way, but it's a nice thought anyway!

Well enough for now, more thoughts and pictures later. Time for more reflection in my own mind. Vacation time and thoughts are not times for speed! Find me a rock so I can sit on it and contemplate the beauty of life.