Friday, June 30, 2006

A Holiday Weekend!

Independence Day or the Fourth of July: take your pick. That is what this weekend sort of is. I say sort of because it really isn't. I keep thinking is is the Fourth of July weekend but there really isn't a weekend for the Fourth this year because the Fourth is on Tuesday. So we get a normal weekend, then go back to work for a day, and then get another day off for the Fourth. The question is will any work get done on Monday or will there just not be much celebrating on Tuesday; after all you can't party late into the night as the next day is Wednesday and that means for most more work! What happened to the carefree summer days of my youth. Now they not only aren't carefree, but they seem to be no different than any others. This year can I declare my own Independence Day and for one long weekend (including Monday) experience four days of summer carefree fun? I fear probably not. I think that ability is a lost art in todays busy adult world. How sad!!!!