Monday, October 30, 2006

Well so much for musings on vacation. My computer has decsided to be uncooperative and only let itself be used when a fan in blowing on its backside! It's a real pain, but I guess I am slowly learning to cope. Every so often it desides to just freeze up and go on a vacation of its own, which is a REAL pain.

Anyway vacation was over a month ago. Already I am ready for another! I think it will be a while though. To bad life can't be one big vacation, but then I guess vacations wouldn't be special anymore, would they. Well vacation was wonderful. We did plenty of four-wheeling throughout Southern Utah. It was a blast. Stephanie came over from CO and spent a long weekend with us and she and Jerry went sky diving. They had fun and Jerry is dsefinatley planning to do it again. I don't know about Steph and a repeat performance. As for me it was okay watching, I guess even fun, but its not someting I ever plan to actually do myself. I value my bones way to much and am pretty sure on landing that I would probably be a mass of broken ones.

Now tomorrow is Halloween and I guess that signals the beginning of the 2006 Holiday Season. I sure wish we had another family cruise coming up this Christmas. It was fun and very relaxing. This year will be more work, but we are at least planning on spending christmas with Jerry's folk and sister's family in MI. Mom will be here for Thanksgiving. Time to start cleaning, planning and shopping.