Thursday, April 04, 2013


Life at 63 is not quite what I expected it to be when I was 19.  When I was 19, 63 sounded so terribly old.   Actually it sounded ancient!  Now I am 63 and I find I am amazed that.....

  • I love my jeans and still wear them.  Jeans for me are better than any other cut or style of slacks.
  • I still sit on the floor when all chairs and couches are full with other people.
  • I still love to sing and dance when ever possible.
  • I enjoy going to rock concerts.
  • I'm still wondering where I will be living in another 6 months.
  • I continue enjoy driving.
  • I love learning new things.
  • I still worry about being alone for the rest of my life.
  • I continue to wonder what my future will hold.
  • I dream about finding someone to love, be loved by and grow old with.
  • I still wonder who I am and what my passion is or if I have one.
When I look at my life at 63 the thing that amazes me the most is that in many respects it is not a whole lot different than what it was when I was 19.  How scary is that?  The one big difference is that when I was 19 I was sure that by the time I was the ancient age of 63 my life would be settled and boring.  How wrong I was.