Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Time and Time Again

Time, such an interesting commodity. It is the one thing that no matter who you are, what your age or status in life, what your job or income everyone has the same amount of it. We all have 24 hours each day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The only difference one might say is that no one knows how many years of parts of years their total life may be composed of. But I submit that since no one knows the length of their life that is a non factor in choosing how we use what time we do have. How we use the 24 hours given us each day is what is important. I guess it is what will determine the success with which we live our life.

So how do I want to live my life? This is probably a question I should have seriously thought about and determined long before now. Sometimes I think I fall into the mold of a person who just lets life happen, rolling with the daily flow of activities rather than creating the path. Is this good or is this bad? Probably neither exclusively but a little bit of both. I like being a fairly flexible person that can roll with the punches life thows at me on a daily basis. I think that is a good thing. On the other hand, there are things I wish I had done with my life, things I could have accomplished or reached for that I haven't because I was to busy with the way life was happening. Stopping the flow and making my life into what I would have liked it to be would have taken more work and more initiative than often I felt I had the energy for. Now that I find sad!

They say that any dream you have can come true if you want it bad enough and are willing to work hard enough for it. I don't know if I believe that or not. I want to. May be it is true, but the key is you have to want it to be true so bad that you are willing to risk anything and do anything to make it come true. Unfortunately not only am I a basically lazy person I also am not a big risk taker. So where does that leave me?

I guess I need to go back to that question. How do I want to live my life? How do I want to use the 24 hours alotted to me each day? These are questions I need to give more thought to.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Boy why do vacations go so fast? It seems that so much time is spent anticipating a vacation and then before you know it, it is over and you are back to the normal routine of work and more work. Why doesn't time slow down for vacations so one can savor them and just bask in the relaxation and nothingness they bring? Maybe because today's vacations are filled with everything but nothingness! All too often we bring our "business" with us on vacation. Gone are the days of simply sitting on a beach with a good book day after day, or sitting watching the birds soar on the wind currents in the mountain passes. No we must alsway be doing.

Now don't get me wrong. I loved my week in MI. And I did get alot done that I wouldn't have done in a normal work week. I read a book and started a second. I knitted a half a prayer shawl, stopping only when I ran out of the yarn I brought, and I planned out my fall workshop schedule for my Stampin' Up buisness (ouch was that work?) I also visited with my in-laws in thier new home and visited my alma mater, MSU. But there was very little time spent just sitting and relaxing; just taking time to reconnect with the world around me. Am I even capable of doing nothing for longer then 5 minutes....I'm not sure and that may be sad.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Are They NUTS!

Okay, I now know I live in a crazy world...or rather a crazy part of the world. I just read an article in todays Washington Post talking about how the lastest thing here in the area is luxury bathrooms. Not only is this news in the Post, but it is a front page story!

It seems people in the area are spending not just tens of thousands of $'s to upgrade there bathrooms, but some are sending hundred's of thousands of $'s to do so. This area of the country is way to much into itsself I think. This trend is absolutely insane! The article not only talks about the type of upgrades people are putting in, but how some of them feel pressured by their "bathroom designer" to upscale even further than they plan, because if they don't their home will not be easily marketable. It mentions that $300 water faucets are now "on the verge of becoming a commodity" Puleaseeeee! Get a life people. There is so much more that can be done with $150,000 than upgrading a bathroom....And to the Post I hope you placed this story for the comic factor and not to make more people feel that their lives must be worthless cause they have no interest in a toilet which has a control panel to use. I guess everyone has to have some sort of a vice. Let's see with $120,000 I could take a friend on 10 really nice cruises. Heck I just read on Splitcoast Stampers that for a mere $13,000 I could buy the whole Stampin' Up catalog of merchandise. Now there a way to spend money!

By the way if you want to check out the article click on the title of this post! Have your laugh for the day.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


That's what today is. It's the 4th of July though and I guess it is supposed to be hot on the 4th! Better than rain; that's for sure. This has been a time for extremes around here. May and early June; no rain to speak of then the last week of June comes and 13 inches + . Now suddenly temps are in high 90's! And humid of course. But that won't stop the brave souls who truck on down to DC for festivities. They are expecting 500,000 or so. Another sign of my age I guess is my thoughts on that are "been there done that". We've been downtown for fireworks at least twice in the past, maybe more but sometimes those types of experiences are wiped out of our memories, and we did have fun. The hassle is getting out of there when 500,000 are trying to get on metro at once! OUCH. I think I can watch them on TV and have a good front row seat; plus I can hear the concert then also. So Independence Day at our house consits of a group of flags posted outside our home, leftover ham, and the internet. What more could a girl ask for? (I suppose I could clean house too.) Hope everyone else has a fun day.
I will eat some watermelon in honor of the day.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Working Toward Vacation

Vacation is coming. The holiday weekend I've already given up on. Could have gone to Germatown Glory Days last night and listened to a symphony and watched the fireworks, but adult lethergy set in, which included not really wanting to deal with traffic jams leaving the event, so we stayed home. Of course 20 year old son went and had a good time. We, meaning husband and I, are so OLD! Anyway, now we are on to trying to plan our vacation in MI. We will be visiting and helping out my in-laws who have just moved into a new home in Chelsea, MI. We will be camping at Waterloo State Park. What do I want to do while there? Good question! Right now I am thinking I would be happy doing nothing more than reading a good book, sewing (the camp ground does have electricity and I now have a feather weight small sewing machine), and maybe even stamping a few simple cards. Sounds like heaven right now but, can a person with ADD who gets real ansy fast do that little? Time will tell!