Sunday, July 02, 2006

Working Toward Vacation

Vacation is coming. The holiday weekend I've already given up on. Could have gone to Germatown Glory Days last night and listened to a symphony and watched the fireworks, but adult lethergy set in, which included not really wanting to deal with traffic jams leaving the event, so we stayed home. Of course 20 year old son went and had a good time. We, meaning husband and I, are so OLD! Anyway, now we are on to trying to plan our vacation in MI. We will be visiting and helping out my in-laws who have just moved into a new home in Chelsea, MI. We will be camping at Waterloo State Park. What do I want to do while there? Good question! Right now I am thinking I would be happy doing nothing more than reading a good book, sewing (the camp ground does have electricity and I now have a feather weight small sewing machine), and maybe even stamping a few simple cards. Sounds like heaven right now but, can a person with ADD who gets real ansy fast do that little? Time will tell!

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