Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Boy why do vacations go so fast? It seems that so much time is spent anticipating a vacation and then before you know it, it is over and you are back to the normal routine of work and more work. Why doesn't time slow down for vacations so one can savor them and just bask in the relaxation and nothingness they bring? Maybe because today's vacations are filled with everything but nothingness! All too often we bring our "business" with us on vacation. Gone are the days of simply sitting on a beach with a good book day after day, or sitting watching the birds soar on the wind currents in the mountain passes. No we must alsway be doing.

Now don't get me wrong. I loved my week in MI. And I did get alot done that I wouldn't have done in a normal work week. I read a book and started a second. I knitted a half a prayer shawl, stopping only when I ran out of the yarn I brought, and I planned out my fall workshop schedule for my Stampin' Up buisness (ouch was that work?) I also visited with my in-laws in thier new home and visited my alma mater, MSU. But there was very little time spent just sitting and relaxing; just taking time to reconnect with the world around me. Am I even capable of doing nothing for longer then 5 minutes....I'm not sure and that may be sad.

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