Thursday, July 06, 2006

Are They NUTS!

Okay, I now know I live in a crazy world...or rather a crazy part of the world. I just read an article in todays Washington Post talking about how the lastest thing here in the area is luxury bathrooms. Not only is this news in the Post, but it is a front page story!

It seems people in the area are spending not just tens of thousands of $'s to upgrade there bathrooms, but some are sending hundred's of thousands of $'s to do so. This area of the country is way to much into itsself I think. This trend is absolutely insane! The article not only talks about the type of upgrades people are putting in, but how some of them feel pressured by their "bathroom designer" to upscale even further than they plan, because if they don't their home will not be easily marketable. It mentions that $300 water faucets are now "on the verge of becoming a commodity" Puleaseeeee! Get a life people. There is so much more that can be done with $150,000 than upgrading a bathroom....And to the Post I hope you placed this story for the comic factor and not to make more people feel that their lives must be worthless cause they have no interest in a toilet which has a control panel to use. I guess everyone has to have some sort of a vice. Let's see with $120,000 I could take a friend on 10 really nice cruises. Heck I just read on Splitcoast Stampers that for a mere $13,000 I could buy the whole Stampin' Up catalog of merchandise. Now there a way to spend money!

By the way if you want to check out the article click on the title of this post! Have your laugh for the day.

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