Tuesday, July 04, 2006


That's what today is. It's the 4th of July though and I guess it is supposed to be hot on the 4th! Better than rain; that's for sure. This has been a time for extremes around here. May and early June; no rain to speak of then the last week of June comes and 13 inches + . Now suddenly temps are in high 90's! And humid of course. But that won't stop the brave souls who truck on down to DC for festivities. They are expecting 500,000 or so. Another sign of my age I guess is my thoughts on that are "been there done that". We've been downtown for fireworks at least twice in the past, maybe more but sometimes those types of experiences are wiped out of our memories, and we did have fun. The hassle is getting out of there when 500,000 are trying to get on metro at once! OUCH. I think I can watch them on TV and have a good front row seat; plus I can hear the concert then also. So Independence Day at our house consits of a group of flags posted outside our home, leftover ham, and the internet. What more could a girl ask for? (I suppose I could clean house too.) Hope everyone else has a fun day.
I will eat some watermelon in honor of the day.

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