Thursday, January 17, 2008


A wonderfully snowy and wintry day in Maryland. I can say wonderful because I did not have to go out and drive in it! The snow started falling about 10:15 this morning and it snowed all day. Unfortunately after reaching about 3 inches it decided that was enough and stopped. I am really hoping that we get one really good snow fall this winter....the 12" kind that is fun to play in and closes everything down so you can play in it. But for now I Will be happy with the beauty of this snow fall. Probably by Saturday it will mostly be gone....that's just the way it is in Maryland. However if it does last through Saturday it will be with us a while as from what I am hearing the high temps for us on Sunday will be in LOW 20's!!!!!!

(As a side note to those wondering about yesterday's picture...yes it is a ham and cheese omelet in the making!)

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Lee said...

What a pretty picture!! I just love the way snow makes everything look so fresh and clean!