Friday, January 11, 2008


In an earlier picture you saw the chaos in my craft room....this photo will just confirm in your mind that I operate in a total mess. Here is my office desk! What you can't see is that the rest of my office space doesn't look any better. In fact it may be WORSE. (Oh I hope no FLYBabies stop by and see this!) Honestly I do try to keep things in a bit more of an orderly state but the office wisdom is that within an hour or so of my cleaning up my office and finding a home for everything; church members hear of it and bring in more stuff....It is a known fact that we have very little storage area in our church (are any churches any different?) and that my office is the warehouse. This includes housing multiple computers, the office fax machine and various church records. I even have hanging in my closet dried out palm branches to be turned into ash for next Ash Wednesday. At least they will be gone soon since though we just celebrated Epiphany Lent starts in under 4 weeks. I am placing this photo here today in hopes that later in the year I can post one of a new and much improved work place.


cookingmama said...

thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. I blog (my only entertainment) from my cell phone while we are at the hospital but I have not figured out how to log on to SCS from here. And glad to see that I am not the only one with a cluttered craft room.

Lee said...

I see your office!! Actually it's very tame compared to James' office at work!! He says that's the only way he knows exactly where everything is!!