Saturday, January 19, 2008


I have a group of crafty ladies that I meet with at our church. Wait that doesn't sound quite right does it? Let's start again.

I get together with a group of ladies at our church to do various crafts. (That's better!) Today we met to sew up some tote bags that will be donated to foster children in our county. Many of these children arrive at their new home with what little belongings they have in a grocery bag. Hopefully these will help change that one child at a time. These bags are nothing fancy but they are colorful and they have handles which hopefully will make them easier to carry.


Lee said...

Suzanne!!! These are fantastic!!! What a loving gift!!! I wish I was in that picture!!

Susan said...

This is such a wonderful ministry, Suzanne. You and your 'crafty ladies' are exceptional!!

Oh and I like the picture very much :-)