Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This morning I woke up early without an alarm. Good news for the feeling ill. I am at least getting rested and caught up on sleep. I also woke up to a forecast for afternoon snow. Will it or won't it? That was the question of the day. We have not had much snow at all this winter.

It is however cold and that means a nice hot cup of tea would be wonderful and relaxing. So the kettle is on.

I was pleased with this picture. I was intrigued by the steam and wondered how it would photograph. I think it did well. AND the tea was wonderful. AND about 1pm it did begin to snow....lightly no more than a dusting at first, but by night fall the ground was all white and it should last till morning since it is below freezing. Unfortunately because it is cloudiy we will miss the total lunar eclipse tonight and now will have to wait till 2010 for the next one!


Lee said...

Suzanne.......thanks for sharing that link of the eclipse.....I checked your blog JUST in time to see part of it. Weird thing is we never heard any mention of it??'s also kinda cloudy, but we did get to see a hazy eclipse!! Which is better than none!! Thanks for the very cool event!!

Susan said...

I didn't get to see the eclipse. We had a huge full moon that looked wonderful, but I may have been sleeping when the eclipse happened, or the moon may have been in a daytime sky here. Tonight we think we saw some of the space station junk burn up in the stratosphere though - quite spectacular and travelling swiftly, it was.

Oh and I love your tea kettle shot. The steam looks great! Well done! You're becoming quite a photgrapher you know :-D