Thursday, February 14, 2008


Not much special going on for Valentine's Day here. DH made me a cup of coffee in morning to help pry my eyes open. Had limited success with this. He also gave me the chocolate heart.Then he headed off for hospital for last day and I headed off for dentist. Not my idea of fun activities on any day let alone Valentines but that is our life today. I then went in a caught up on some over due work and then headed home to crash....The coffee as limited as it's effect was had worn off by now...I think I even fell asleep on the couch around 4pm.

Dinner was small, but nice and well...this evening while DH napped I caught up here. Now it is almost time for bed...not exactly an exciting Valentine's Day but probably about all we could handle this year.

I am so far behind with everything I just this evening found the cards I made for family and never got mailed.....I am so pitiful.......forgive me!


Lee said...

Just remember Suzanne............celebrating a day of love isn't about anything's just about love!! I hope you and your dh get to feeling better and can enjoy your trip!!

Susan said...

I second what Lee says, Suzanne. I love your photo of the cup and heart, too. Looks romantic to me!