Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am not a good patient....I do not like being sick. I have way too many things I want and need to get done. It may have been a Federal Holiday on Monday, but I was supposed to work...I did not plan to take a holiday, but then I didn't plan on being sick either. These are items my day revolved around. The sinus and cold tea I purchased when we went to the National Pow Wow that was in the District last summer. Normally I do not like herbal teas, but this was wonderful and I think it did help. After I started drinking it was when I began feeling a little bit better. May be a coincidence, but I prefer to think the Native Americans know what they are doing with herbal remedies. I've often wondered why we are so convinced that modern chemical concoctions are so much more effective than natural remedies that people have been using with success for centuries. Here is a link to the company that sells the tea. It's called Native and Natural.


Lee said...

We've got some teas with Echinacea that seem to help a little. In fact, I need some tonite!!!

Susan said...

I have some herbal teas in my pantry too. I use them when I have bronchial complaints, cramps, sore throat - lots of reasons! Over here I buy Hilda Heme herbal teas. The Aboriginal people's remedies are not yet available commercially but when they are, I imagine they will be fantsatic.