Monday, February 04, 2008


Well that's not totally true....I'm a sewing machine cleaner would be more accurate. Today I finally got around to take a class to learn how to clean, oil and lubricate my 57 year old sewing featherweight. I was quite surprised when we took off the bottom plate and I discovered how little there was under there that made the machine run. Not sure what I expected but more than one gear mechanism and two rods! There were a lot of oily dust bunnies, but they are all gone now. I did discover the important thing to remember was you lubricate gears and oil joints. There are only two gears in the whole machine, but there are a zillion joints. I also discovered that it is important to have a sewing machine oil container that has a very fine and long needle type dispensing system; which of course mine doesn't!

Oh and if any one is interested I did not have any loose parts lying around after I put everything back together. That was my big fear!

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