Wednesday, February 20, 2008


IT may be a dreary winter day, but cabin fever has hit big time.....It's only been two days in the house, but I need to get out. The window framing is beginning to look like bars imprisoning me. This does not bode well with my word for the year "contentment". I am not feeling very content so I will go do some by work to pick up my keys and see how I do. Still tired, but making progress.


Lee said...

Now with a huge, soft snowfall........a hot cup of cocoa.....and you feeling good......that window view would put you in a completely different mood!!!

Susan said...

Lol! Lee has such a way with words, doesn't she Suzanne? I'd love to see the same picture when it has snowed though it looks like a pretty nice street without snow too :-) Glad you are out of your 'cabin' again.