Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We had a wonderful breakfast at a cafe and then headed into Philly. Our first stop was st the Mutter Museum. A very very strange museum. It is a museum dedicated to medical oddities. My husband labeled it a legitimate freak show. Which in some respects does describe it well.

After a few hours there we walked to Di Bruno Bros. for lunch. This is a delightful Italian market on the first floor and then upstairs is a small cafe and restaurant. We had wonderful pizza in lovely thin crispy crust. After lunch when we wouldn't be so tempted we wandered around the market. This could be a very dangerous place for me if I lived near it!

By now it was about 2:30 in the afternoon and since neither Jerry or I were feeling all that great we decided it was time to wish the birthday boy a farewell and head home. So we took him to the 30th Street train station and he headed back to Malvern where his car was parked at the station and we got lost finding our way out of town. But we eventually made it and had an uneventful drive home arriving tired and in time for dinner.


Lee said...

Yeah, and just in time to be horribly sick!! YUK!! I'm so glad you are feeling better!!

Susan said...

Yes, I'm glad you are feeling better too. I like this photo - it makes me want to visit Malvern.