Saturday, March 08, 2008


Okay, Okay....I know it is no where near February 26 at this point. In fact it is March 8.
obviously this picture a day is not going to continue for 365 days. I found it was becoming more of a chore on some days then fun. After a couple of months lets face it some days are just like others. So rather than stressing out over this I am going to use this as a type of photo journal of events and activities I want to remember. Some days something fun and unusual might strike me, but I don't want this to become a chore rather than a delight.

So what happened on Feb 26th that was of note looking back? A good friend and co-worker turned 50 and a group of us from work took her out to one of our favorite restaurants in town. It's Greek and the food is wonderful. I am a bit biased I guess. One of the owners is a friend who also is the father of an ex-boyfriend of my daughter. Mythos....used to be Vasilis, but there was some name confusion with another restaurant on the other side of town.


Lee said...

Now THAT sounds like a very wise Flybaby decision!!! I'm not too familiar with Greek food except for Gyros, which I like!! Well, and Baklava, which I LOVE!!

Susan said...

I can understand you not continuiing with the 365 day thing too. If you got what you wanted from it, then that's all that matters! WHat a good idea to do a photo journal of your year instead :-)

And I think this restaurant is full of personality. I have never seen a Greek restaurant that looks like it!