Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I just though I would share a few of the photos that I took from the train window on the trip down to NC. I love watching the small towns go by. You get a much better feel for where you are going and how you are getting there when traveling by train. It is such a different view than when traveling by airplane or even by car.

All too often when traveling by car these days we travel only on the highways. You don't se much that way. Definitely you miss the small towns or at least what is at their heart.

I do enjoy traveling by plane for long distances. Some of my favorite images are of flying over the plains states and seeing the patchwork quilt made from the roads and farm lands. There are so many wonderful patterns and the ground is so flat that it really does look like a patchwork quilt.

Lets face it I just love to travel. I dream of what it would be like being able to afford to travel and record my travels both in film and word.

I hope you enjoyed some of the small towns I traveled through. Can you hear the sound of the train on the track and the whistle as you go though the towns.....listen carefully, and imagine!


Lee said...

Suzanne..........thank you so much for sharing your journey!! It sure does look like a relaxing and enjoyable trip!!

Susan said...

I love travelling by train too. Ther eis a train that goes from the Brisbane airport out to Caboolture, where we will live one day soon, and it takes about 40 minutes to get there. I always spend that time looking out the windows and seeing things I would never see on the roads. Once I travelled for two days by train to get from Brisbane to where I live now. It was harder to look out the windows then because I went on that journey with my 5 month old daughter (who is now 21!) who decided to learn to crawl on the train - argh! What a task it was to keep her off the floor etc - our trains are not places you would allow tender young babies to slide all over their floors!

I enjoyed the pictures of your country towns. I hope you also took a pic of the train at some stage?