Saturday, March 08, 2008


This was just the beginning of a fun train adventure. Heading down to North Carolina to spend a week with my mom. I have discovered I love taking the train. It's so relaxing and much more enjoyable than the quick plane ride. It does take a full day, but I enjoy watching the little towns go by and I had a lot of time to read, work on my computer and watch some DVD's. By the time I arrived at the Durham train station I was already in vacation mode. I will share some more pictures of the train trip as I get them processed.


Lee said...

Sounds really cool.......I've never taken a train trip! I'd love to do the Canadian Rockies train trip!!

Susan said...

Wow - your train stations look totally different to the ones in Queensland. Ours are a lot more open and less, umm, substantial? than this. Probably because it never snows or freezes over and people mostly want to stay cool. One train station near here (well, an hour's drive away) has huge baskets of hanging ferns along it's platform - it looks wonderful. But so different!