Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ah, the first day of Spring. Another winter survived! I shouldn't complain as it was a very mild winter, but sometimes I think I would be happier with REAL WINTER....but that isn't in line with my word for the year "contentment" is it. I should be happy and content that we didn't have a disruptive winter and it sure sis seem to go by FAST!!!!!!!!

It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas and now all of a sudden this Sunday is Easter!

The weather is not particularly warm today for the first day of spring, but I think that is more because it is so windy! As my picture for today shows though the flowers are saying it is spring. These are some hyacinths that I planted last year after Easter that are coming up! The tulips and daffodils are also coming up, but no sign of flowers in them yet. So there are definite signs of spring and I want to say WELCOME!


Lee said...

Wow Suzanne!!! GREEN!!!!!!! LOL It'll still be a while here!!! You're right.....I sure love a good, solid winter.......but it's been a windy one for us this year. Today is no exception.....if we had the trip to KC today we'd sure save on gas!!! LOL Can't wait to see more greenery and beautiful flowers!!! Happy Spring!!

Susan said...

Isn't it thrilling when something you plant actually comes up and starts looking like this?? Spring, huh - we're just getting over our summer wet season and looking ofrward to cooler days with no rain. I love winter though in Australia it never gets that cold.

Enjoy your day!