Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I love Easter flowers. We don't have a lot of them at our church on Easter morning. Not so many that people with allergies are miserable and sneeze through the service, but enough to make things look like it is Easter and also spring.

Here are two pictures of the flowers around our altar on Easter morning. We weren't sure there would be many blooms. Easter was so early this year that the florists had a hard time pushing the tulips and daffodils into flower. When we picked the plants up on Friday non of them had bloomed. The mums and Easter lilies were fine. We were surprised and pleased that on Sunday morning all the daffodils had opened and s few of the tulips had.

We used to have hyacinths also, but they were banned several years ago when half the congregation sniffed, sneezed and scratched their eyes all morning long. Not being allergic to flowers this banning made me very sad as I loved the wonderful smell the had. But I do understand the problem they caused others, especially my DH who is allergic!


Lee said...

Oh no!! I never thought about allergies acting up!! I do so LOVE the colorful and happy blooms!!

Debs said...

love love love the feeling i get when i see flowers!!! :D