Saturday, March 29, 2008


God is so good! I didn't pray that he return my camera to me, but I did ask that he not let me stress out and fuss and fume all night over having lost it. That if I was to have my pictures of the trip that in the light of morning and not being so tired it would turn up and look!!!!! When I thoroughly unpacked the tote bag with fabric pieces and new sewing machine pedal I had purchased look what I found wrapped in the folds of nice soft padding fabric at the bottom of the bag next to the pedal. I am one happy photographer right now and ready to take off to snap pics of and enjoy cherry blossoms! (I had better get dressed first though!)

While I am gone here are a few photos of Lancaster County, PA for you to enjoy. These are pictures of things you see all over the county. Amish buggies mixed in with trucks and automobiles, beautiful farms and of course the ever present porches lined with wonderful quilts made by the Amish . Many Amish homes have signs out front indicated that they have quilts for sale and please stop in. This was one home in town that we stopped by to visit. The quilts are wonderful, but way out of my price range. At one time Amish quilts were very identifiable by there use of solid fabrics and use of grays, navy blues or blacks as a base color. You could even identify the part of the country the quilt came from based on the color palette used. Those are now highly valued quilts by collectors. In the 1990's the American buying public (ie tourists to Amish communities) began asking for quilts made with print fabrics and being astute business people the Amish women gave them what they wanted. Now very few new Amish quilts are made in the traditional fabrics which I find very sad as they were absolutely stunning and a wonderful showcase for the amazing quilting designs the Amish women use. These fine stitches tend to get lost in the patterned fabrics they now use. Don't get me wrong their quilts are still wonderful, they just aren't as differentiated from quilts of other amazing quilters like they used to be.

It is now time for me to get moving we have lots to see and do today!

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Lee said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! I'm soooo glad you found your camera!! Ooooo.....someday I'd sooooo LOVE to see Lancaster County!!! Just as pretty as a picture!! LOL I confess I'd love an Amish quilt....but just don't have the "extra" cash on hand and I don't think I should as the price??? But they sure are gorgeous!!