Saturday, March 08, 2008


Back for a moment looking at contentment (in a somewhat humorous light). Tonight while visiting and catching up on friends BLOGS I've gotten sucked into online quizes and such. These were reported to let you know a bit more about your self. After carefully viewing my results I've determined that I can not become content with myself as I am. Saying I am not happy with my results would be an understatement......

First while visiting on Ladydoc's BLOG, Tilting at Windmills, I discovered that I could find out what celebrities I most share physical facial traits with. Now Ladydoc was paired up with the likes of Ann Bancroft and Angelina Jolie. Not who am I paired up with...........William Moseley, Chester Bennington, Steven Soderbergh, and finally a female....Veronica Ferres. In all fairness the fifth match was one I am content with Meryl Streep! I guess know I understand better why so often cashiers and sales clerks hail me as "May I help you sir?". Well if you are courageous you too can find out who you look like most on the celebrity front. Just go here.

Well I, being a curious type wasn't content to stop when I was ahead. When at Lori's BLOG I noticed in her side bar a picture of Sleeping Beauty. Her Disney Alter Ego. Now how cool is that? So like I said being a curious glutton for punishment I decided to check this out. I could be content with Cinderella, or Snow White..........................................................................and who is my Disney Alter Ego?????????????????????? GOOFY !!!!! Some of us never learn to leave well enough alone! Are you brave? Head here and see if you have better luck than me......As for me I am going to go move my clocks forward and hour and head to bed. Pulling the covers up over my head sounds like the best bet.


Lee said...

OH that's just tooooo funny Suzanne!!! I will go take those quizzes and let you know how I fare.....I don't think it'll be so hottt, but I promise I'll be honest!!!!

Susan said...

Ha ha! Lee mentioned your quizes on her blog and said they came form you! I just finished the Nerd tests 1 & 2 and the results were contradictory. I know I was compared most to Heath Ledger in the celebrity faces test. Now I just have to do the Disney one and I'll be complete - he he he!

Loved reading your entries. Welcome back to the Blogoshpere - have missed your posts!

LadyDoc said...

Well, I am here to take the Disney test and now that I see there is a Nerd test, I will have to take that one!

Please remember that I said anyone who thought I looked like Angelina Jolie needed their eyes examined- and, as a retired EYE DOCTOR, I think I am especially qualified to make that statement, lol!!!

Will let you know how the tests come out!