Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This morning on the news I hear one of the most refreshing thoughts I have heard in a very long time. The most amazing thing was that it came from a politician!!!!!

President Obama was making some comments on tomorrows State of the Union Speech. He was musing on his many critics and he said something to the effect of.....the job of a politician is not to work to get re-elected. It is to work to make our country a better and safer place for all Americans. What a novel idea.....OK I am being sarcastic here. I knew I liked that man. He also made another comment this one directed to his opponents in congress who are already speculating and reacting negatively to what he might be saying in the State of the Union Speech. HE asked them to please wait and hear what he says before they criticize it. I know many Americans do not like the man but some time I feel he is the only civil person living and working with-in our political system. What ever happened to civilized political discourse and the idea that opposing opinions can be discussed without name calling and compromises worked out with everyone giving and taking a little. Have wee have become such a stiff necked, hard headed and hard hearted people that we can no longer see beyond our own self interest and needs?

I do know what I will be doing tomorrow night. I will eagerly be listening to my President with a sence of hope and anticiaption and I hope notexperience grief at observing how some may respond to and treat him.

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