Thursday, January 07, 2010


Tonight signals the true end of the holiday season for me. I am back to being alone in the house. Mom has returned to her life in her home and so has Laura. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are over again for another year. Even friend Thelma has come and reclaimed her items that she had here prior to her reconciling with her husband. I'm so happy for her as they seem to have reconnected and rediscovered how much they mean to each other; determining life is better together than apart. For me however it is awfully quiet. Quiet is not totally bad, it's been a very busy holiday season and work this week is very busy, but it is lonely. The TV is only so good as company and it doesn't really respond when I try to talk to it. Oh well....that's life. Also there is always the promise of more snow to keep life interesting....just as the loneliness doesn't end neither it seems will the cold or snow this winter........maybe I need a dog for company....Naw at least not yet.

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