Saturday, January 16, 2010


My heart goes out to the people of have so little and yet to have so much taken away from you. It is a tragedy of immense proportions. Once again it is in the midst of a tragedy that we see signs that most of the world can work together for common good of humanity in need. Cuba allows the US relief planes to fly through its airspace to save precious time in getting supplies where they are needed, and these are military planes. Countries rich and poor give what the can and in some cases even what they can't to help. People who last week thought they were so poor suddenly realize how "rich" they are and give out of their poverty to help. They stories are endless and the need is, at least at the moment, endless.

Yet even in the midst of all this there are voices, and sadly they are American voices, raised in meanness, pettiness and just plain ignorance. Even sadder these voices would want those of us who care and help to think we are the ignorant and misled ones. The saddest of all is that one of these voices professes to be a committed Christian. I take that back the saddest of all is that there are other Americans who believe them and side with them. I'm sure anyone reading this knows I refer to Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh. They are little men in my opinion and I hesitated to even name them, but evil must be named or it is allowed to continue. I wish I could apologize to the whole of humanity for their mean spirited small minds. They are people who desire to divide rather than strive to bring together. Enough said.

If you have not yet contributed to relief efforts in Haiti there are many good organizations out there. Like many folks I have a favorite. It is UMCOR which is the relief arm of the United Methodist church. 100% of what it raises for a specific relief effort goes to that effort. Any administrative costs are covered by the UMC church not the donors. Give them a thought when you choose an organization to donate to. Here is a press release on their efforts.

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