Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My devotional reflection this AM dealt with the importance of "community". Specifically it referred to Jesus statement saying "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." Matthew 18:20. The question is asked at the end of the short reflection was can we find Jesus in a gathering, a community, online? I don't think there can be any answer to this question but a sounding YES!

I have felt Jesus presence through many online friends. Some may argue that to be in community you need to be physically in each others presence. I don't by that. I have experienced a strong sense of community with my online friends. These communities take on many forms; through Facebook, through Split Coast Stampers, through friends I have made through BLOGS I have visited and commented on and ones who have visited mine and left a comment. I have found in each of those communities people of faith. People willing to share their faith. People willing to pray for and with me and people I pray for and hold in my heart.

Is Jesus with us as we pray for each other, share each others joys, struggles and sorrows? Definitely! The internet has not made my world smaller as some may argue since it does take time away from my immediate locality and friends I believe it has enlarged it. I am learning so much from so many.

So I thank the Lord for community. I thank the Lord he is present in all communities that gather in his name and I think that it may just be that even when we gather not explicity in his name he is there as well!

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