Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Since this BLOG is titled "Life out My Window" I thought I would share a bit of what I actually see outside my bedroom window. Things have been changing over the past week.

A week ago this is what I saw when I opened my bedroom curtains in the morning. Our Ornamental Cherry tree was just beginning to show the hints of buds that would eventually burst into full bloom. A Few leaves were also beginning to poke out and show some, but not much green. As you can see out neighbors home a crossed the street is very visible.

Now a week later after some very sunny warm days and some very spring like April showers this is what I was greeted with this morning when I opened the curtains. A profusion of pink cherry blossoms. They are so pretty when they are fresh and new. Now our neighbors home is barely visible through the thick layer of pink petals.

So this truly is what life out my window currently looks like. It is very beautiful. BUT it is even more beautiful when I venture outside my home and get the full view of this wonderful cherry tree. Here it is..........what do you think?

The sad thing is that in another week or so these gorgeous pink petals will begin to fall to the ground. It will be like it is snowing pink flakes. That in and of itself is pretty. But soon after they land on the ground they turn an ugly brown and are layers so thick I consider taking out the snow shovel to get them all up.

The happy part of this though is that after they all fall the tree will then be a lovely shade of green and summer will be soon upon us!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oooooo.....how very pretty Suzanne!! Surely Spring is in the air!!