Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Last Saturday was Women's Health Day at our church. We put on this program for women of the community, though mainly church members attend, and this year the topic for discussion was Bone Health. Lots of wonderful information on developing AND maintaining strong bones. We even had a team from the local hospital do DEXA scans as a screen for osteoporosis. I was a bit nervous about doing this as I have so many markers for developing this disease, but my T score was well into the normal range. Whew....one less thing to worry about health wise right now.

As part of the program we serve breakfast and lunch. I was in charge of purchasing the food for these meals and having it all ready for the men who come in to set it out, serve it and clean up.

We also do a craft/service project. I was also in charge of this and so we made Mother's Day cards I sent off to Cards For Heroes today. Since most of the women have very little crafting let alone card making experience I made up 4 sample cards and put together kits for each sample. I did all the cutting and stamping and they did the assembly. It was fun to see that after they made one a few of the women got brave and made some minor yet creative changes. We did 45 cards in about a 60 minute time block. Here is a pictuure of the final results of our work.

Every one that worked on the project, probably about 15 women, seemed to really enjoy it. A couple of them made four or more cards.

If you would like more information on several of the individual designs hop over and visit my Stampin' and Kwiltin' Blog tomorrow. Tonight I am now headed to bed. It's been a long busy day. Good night!


Lee said...

Wow!! You HAVE been super busy Suzanne!!! What fabulous cards you all made!! I can't wait to see more on your crafty blog!! Get a good night's sleep!! I'll be up waiting on the Gina K. surprise!!! LOL

Sarah said...

What a great looking set of cards!! You have been a busy little bee lately!!