Thursday, April 03, 2008


I don't get flowers very often so I'm making this picture big so I can come back here and enjoy them often!!!! They are from the Golden Girls (affectionately called the GG's). This is a group of Senior Women who meet for fellowship and lunch at our church once a month. I cook for them and put on the lunch. Their normal meeting day would have been the day right after Easter which is a day many are still busy with family around here so they changed the date to the next Monday which was March 31; my birthday! That didn't bother me. These are a fun group of women and I really enjoy putting on the lunch for them. They surprised me with this bouquet of a dozen roses. They are so pretty and they brighten up our kitchen table especially on this another dreary rainy spring????? day. (The question marks are because it is barley rain rather than snow!)


Lee said... sweet Suzanne!!! And gorgeous flowers!!! You sure deserve it for all the fun and wonderfully giving things you do!!!

Sarah said...

Suzanne - those are beautiful!! What a nice surprise for you.