Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I think it really is true that "music soothes the savage beast".  I'm not sure where that phrase comes from, but I do believe it is true.  Since I was a teenager facing all of the trials and emotions of those tumultuous years music has been something that has spoke to my soul and it did again tonight

I am so blessed to live in a community that has music available every night of the year.  Plus it is available not at just one location but three. AND it is free!!!!

 I love music.  It truly does speak to my soul.  I remember when I was a teen my mother used to say she could always tell what my mood was by what music was coming out of my room and that if it was "A Night on Bald Mountain" beware!  I also will never forget one night crying my eyes out and feeling that I had no friends and so alone.  My father came into my room and told me his song for me was "You'll Never Walk Alone".  Yes music has always played a large part in my emotional life.

Tonight I spent the evening with some friends at one of our town squares.  We went to hear the music of a band called "3 For the Road".  A group 3 guys who meet at our Beatlemanic club and decided to fulfill a life long dream of being in a band. How wonderful to fulfill a dream.AND how wonderful to bring music into the lives of others.

As I listened to their music I covered the range of emotions from sadness to euphoria.  Sadness and loneliness at the words of the love songs and euphoria at the songs of celebration and hope. I closed my eyes and while feeling alone also cherished the thoughts that even for me love would one day once again be a reality.  I swayed and sang along with the melodies and yes even danced when there was a line dance I knew the steps to.

I love music!  It does indeed soothe the savage beast that crouches in my soul.

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