Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm again reading and finding thoughts I want to remember and be able to refer to.  This time the book is Beyond Our Selves by Catherine Marshall. I  found this book buried on my bookshelf. It was  recommended reading in another book I am using a a daily devotional. I knew I had purchased the book a very long time ago when I saw not only how it had yellowed but that it was priced at $1.50!!!!!

The chapter I read this morning was titled; The Prayer of Relinquishment.  From its title I knew it was going to be an interesting read. Relinquishment is not something I find easy.  Often I think I am relinquishing something when in fact I am still holding on to a controlling thread or hope of what I want.Part of what Catherine Marshall wrote about here is the difference between resignation and acceptance.  I think often I find myself being resigned to a situation or outcome rather than being accepting of it.  Here is some of what she says:

"Acceptance is creative, resignation is sterile....Resignation is barren of faith in the love of God. It says 'Grievous circumstances have come to me. There is no escaping them....So I'll just resign myself to what apparently is the will of God; I'll even try to make a virtue out of patient submission.'
So resignation lies down quietly in the dust of the universe from which God seems to have fled, and the door of Hope swings shut.
But turn the coin over.  Acceptance says, 'I trust the good will, the love of my God....I know He means to make all things work together for the good, I consent to this present situation with hope for what the future will bring.' Thus acceptance leaves the door of hope wide open to God's creative plan."

At the heart of Faith is not resignation in what is happening in our life but true acceptance that God will take what ever life brings us and make it not only good but better than we can ever even dream of hoping for. This is giving over the control of our own life to the hands of God.

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Rebekah said...

Very nice Suzanne, I need to work on this more.