Friday, June 11, 2010


Is true courage being able to admit to what you are really feeling and thinking rather than being the strong and nice person and being politically correct? This is a real question. I don't know the answer and if this is courage I don't know what the results of being courageous and true to your self means if by doing so you hurt others?
As a Christian what is my responsibility to others if it is against what I want? What is courage and how does it relate to myself and to my responsibility to others? AND who ever said life was easy??????? I always thought mine was, but now I see that was all an illusion.......Suddenly life has more questions than answers....and I am getting real tired of searching for the answers. I always thought the older you got the easier things would get....that too was an illusion.
Life is not easy....Not even God said it would be easy...he only said he would be by our side as we went through the trials, but he is spirit, I am flesh, and I would like some flesh by my side when I have weeks like this. Spirit might be good but it is not the same as a set of arms that say I understand that you are in pain......Spirit can't talk to me in the evening when the house is silent and I need to talk and hear a response. How does God comfort? Someone please tell me. Surely I am not the only one who has had these questions?

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