Saturday, June 05, 2010


Question for the day....Is there a point to life?????? Seriously...after your kids are raised and they move out of the house, all your dreams for the future are at best put on hold, and you begin watching your friends suddenly drop there a point to life? If so what is it? How do you get back on track and stay there????? Yes, my roller coaster ride is in the pit at the moment. At least I am still capable of pondering life's questions and have the will to search for the answers to the questions how ever elusive they may be.

When not pondering, for now I bake.....not sure who for as I'm not interested in eating much of it. If nothing else I don't want getting fat to become the point of my life. I guess I'll take the stuff into work. Let them all get fat instead! When not baking I make sympathy cards. I seem to be needing a lot of them lately and as I have become very superstitious about deaths over the years I'm going to need another one soon. There's another life question: Why do deaths always seem to come in threes???? I'm trying to sew, but that joy at the moment is alluding me. Maybe tomorrow. After all tomorrow is a new day! Praise God for that.

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