Wednesday, March 03, 2010


This quote comes with a question first? Who do you think might have said this????

"Learning how to live is much more important than learning how to make a living."

So who do you think might be the person who said this?

I was quite surprised when I found out. I am making a living or at least trying to, but more importantly I am at almost 60 still learning how to live. I'm learning how to make choices that give me a full, happy, contented and still productive life. I am learning productive means more than just more $'s in the bank, though that is nice. This is a hard lesson. Life in America is $ driven: More money to buy more things. More money to do things. More money to hoard away for a planned future that, I have learned, is not assured. More money for protection and security when God is really our only true protection and security.

More money, more money, more America it seems there is never enough money we always need more money. That is what I think comes when one focuses on the need for making a living rather than the need to learn how to live. Yes I fell into this trap make a living first, learn to live later after you have made it. I don't think I was always that way however. I think I used to know how to live, what was truly important to me. That it was only in the last 10 years or so that I forgot and the focus gradually changed. I need to relearn how to live......

I doubt the person who said this is really saying money is not good or that making a living is not important....when you find out who said it I'm pretty sure you will agree with that thought. I think he is saying when we have learned how to live. When we have learned what is important to us the learning of how to make that living a reality will come easier.

I need to relearn how to live. I need to learn how to live a life that is full, happy, contented and productive. How to live a life that of service and help to others. I need to figure out what is important to me. If I can't do that, if I haven't learned how to live, the making of a living is just a meaningless exercise in using up or hoarding $'s.

So who said the above of the richest men in the world.....Warren Buffett. A man who through his life and use the of his $'s has shown not only does he know how to make a living, but he truly does know how to live!

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