Saturday, August 09, 2008


It's been two days of the DPL Olympics and for me anyway so far so good. Of course being at our county fair two days has really helped the food purchase temptations. We haven't been home to eat and have been eating courtesy of the county fair, or at least I have. One of the benifits of working with 4-H; they feed you. What DH has done for food while at the fair has been up to him.

As for the craft spending temptations tonight I had to throw away a Michael's add which included a 40 % off coupon, a JoAnn's ad which not only had a 40% off coupon but advertisings for all sorts of great craft items, and a Keepsake Quilting Catalog which had more goodies shown than one can dream of. But throw them all away (actually recycle) I did. Even at 40% off I will not succumb. There will be more coupons and more goodies when I need them, not when I Would be temped to use them just because they are there.

So though day 2 I am a winner! Only 15 days to go..........

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