Saturday, August 30, 2008


I guess I never reported on the results of my Debt Proof Living Olympic challenge. I did pretty well. Maybe not a gold medal, but I think a silver one. The only craft supply I purchased during the Olympic time frame was one stamp pad. I did better on the food. I did stick to only purchasing perishables. The freezer was looking pretty empty after the two weeks, but it is full again. I will be working it back down again. I've decided I like shopping only twice a month for the non-perishable products; stocking up on a big trip than working it down over the next few weeks.

Where I fell down was on items not listed on my no spending challenge. I did find several pairs of shoes on sale that I got for the fall. I hadn't gotten any new shoes in about a year and a half and it was time, but that did involve spending money. So that is why I'm only giving myself a silver. I probably could have done without them, but they are walking shoes and they sure are comfortable. My feet are enjoying them.

So what will be my next challenge???? I will think of something. Any suggestions?

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