Sunday, May 04, 2008


A while back I posted pictures of our beautiful ornamental cherry tree and mentioned that when the blossoms came down they would need to be shoveled up! Well that is where we are now. here are a few photos from our front yard now that the blossoms are falling off the tree and there are many more to come down.

When the wind blows and they fall it really is as if there is a pink snow fall. BUT after they a have been on the ground for a while they begin to turn brown and that is not so pretty. What we need now is a really strong rain fall to wash them all away! Once they are all gone we know that is is now summer in Maryland!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

WOW!!!!!! That is sooooooo just like Pink Snow!!! Which I would absolutely adore!! Some of the cherry trees in Denver are blossoming and so pretty!! But I'm only there about once a I get to see them maybe once or twice in a year!! Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous picture!!!