Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It was graduation day for Nate, our youngest, last Saturday. It was a beautifully sunny day, though a tad windy!

We left home for our 2 hour drive northwest to Frostburg, home of Frostburg State University and Nate's home for the last 5 years. This is what greeted us when we arrived! Okay so it was still two and a half hours till graduation.

We relaxed a bit and then headed out to lunch at one of his favorite restaurants. El Canelo, it serves good Mexican food at prices that can not be beat! My chicken quesadilla served with Spanish rice and refried beans was $5. You don't find that in the Washington DC area. Then it was time to head back to his house grab his cap and gown and head to graduation.

There are no pictures in cap the wind took those mortar boards and they became kites without strings. BUT here is how he looked cleaned up and in his gown. Not bad huh?
HE was my man in black!

The graduation ceremony was appropriately solemn with cheers and laughter thrown in just to show how proud friends and family were of this group of grads.

After graduation it was a totally different matter. This was when it became apparent that though Nate graduated with a degree in Physics, his heart was with his roommate and friends who were theater majors! Yes this is a whole new use of diplomas and academic cords.

It was a great day and we ended it with dinner at the restaurant were it all began with a family dinner early in his freshman year; The Acropolis. A world tour of food through the high in the mountains of western Maryland. Mexican for lunch and Greek for dinner.

As I said at the beginning it was a beautifully sunny though windy day. A special treat since it had been raining all week. As we left for home the rain once again moved in and we drove through it the entire 2 hour drive back to Germantown.

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Wow!!! proud you must be!!! What a handsome guy and smart too!! PHYSICS???? YIKES!!!! Congrats to your son and to all of you!!!