Friday, July 25, 2014


Life it seems is full of dilemmas. I am trying so hard to be fiscally responsible. I don't want to spend money before I have it. But neither do I want to be alone. BUT how do I go out and be with people without spending money. Inviting people in is not the answer. That is even more expensive. So I sit home alone. Yes music at the squares is free. But I have been there often and pretty much everyone there is part of a couple. So my options are go to a bar, $$$, or as someone suggested if you don't want to drink go to Starbucks or Panara. They are both more expensive than bars. Booze is cheap in The Villages. Don't get me wrong. I like my life in The Villages. I just hope that some day I might love it. I just want to not be alone.

As a PS  I guess I need to add that I think having to go out and sit in bars to not be alone is pretty pitiful. So  I sit home alone most nights. Yep contrary to popular opinion most nights that is my life.

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