Friday, July 18, 2014


It's time for another weekend. In my life that is not a big thing. When one works retail there is no such thing as a weekend. Work can happen any day. At least in my case, though I am not guaranteed a weekend, I do get a guaranteed Sunday. The store I work at is actually closed on Sunday.

At the moment since "snowbirds" have gone north for the summer I do get Saturdays off unless there is  a big sale. All that means for me though is more time alone.  I  can go out, but lately that is worse than staying at home. At least at home I expect to be alone and I am alone, alone. When I go out to squares for music or to bars for a drink I end up alone in the midst of a crowd of people who are with someone. That really hurts. So I don't do it often.

Tonight is an evening of all the chic flicks on Friday night TV. So far PS I Love You and now it's Sleepless in Seattle. Ah true love...can it ever be found? Is it found for someone over 30?  Can it be found after its been lost?  Or is true love a figment of Hollywood's imagination? I think I will just go get another glass of wine and get ready for another weekend.

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