Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I found this quote in today''s devotional reading.  I think it bears some thought:

"The tragedy in life is not in the fact of death but in what dies inside us while we live."
~~Norman Cousins from Human Options

What have I allowed to die within me and what am I still allowing to die?  Can things be resurrected one we have allowed them to die?  
I am a strong believer that with God's guidance and help I can change.  I need to believe this, and can do so because it has happened in my life in the past.   Believing this, I do believe things that we have allowed to die with in us can be resurrected, but we can only work to resurrect things within ourselves.  We have no power to resurrect things that have died within others.  They must make those choices and changes for themselves.

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