Saturday, January 01, 2011


Okay, so it is only 1:10 pm on New Years Day and already 2011 has no where to go but up.
  • Only managed 3 1/2 hours sleep last night and even it was restless
  • First thing this morning Ott light, the main source of light in family room went off.  Thought it was bulb having burnt out....of course it wasn't the light itself died....$110 later I can see again
  • Settled in to watch Capital One Bowl and my MSU Spartans play only to discover you have to have cable and get ESPN in order to see it; which of course I don't!!!!! least it isn't freezing cold out as well.  So common 2011 cut a gal some slack you are supposed to be better than 2010.........

Edited to add:  I guess it was a good thing that I couldn't watch the Capital One Bowl.....sounds like it was a pretty depressing game if you where a Spartan fan.  Still love Sparty though.  I will not be a fickle fan.....just a sad one.  :(   Even the Rose Bowl is no longer on braodcast TV......but the way that game was going I guess that is good as well....Big Ten Football may you RIP!

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